We carry out a comprehensive supply of refrigeration equipment for the following food industries:
Storage of vegetables and fruits | Alfa Engineering GroupStorage of vegetables and fruits
  • Storage of products requiring rapid cooling and high humidity (90-98%) (carrots, cabbage, apples)
  • Storage of products requiring slow cooling and low humidity (70-75%) (onion, garlic)
  • Storage of potatoes
  • Cooling speed, optimal for each type of product
  • Optimal parameters of the air environment in the chamber (temperature, humidity, speed, uniformity of air distribution and chamber temperatures, air composition (ULO))
  • Stability of maintaining specified parameters
  • Minimal dehydration of products during the storage period
  • Cooling of berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries), vegetables (salad, peppers) and fruits (watermelons, melons, cherries, cherries)
  • Storage of seedlings of strawberries, raspberries, etc.
Meat industry | Alfa Engineering GroupMeat industry
  • Superfast freezing of carcasses (tair to -35ºC)
  • Shock cooling of carcasses
  • Freezing of semi-finished products
  • Cameras for maturing, smoking and drying meat and sausages
  • Sausage chambers
  • Chambers of chilled or frozen food storage
  • Freezing of ravioli, etc.
Poultry processing | Alfa Engineering GroupPoultry processing
  • Air and air-drop cooling of poultry
  • Water cooling of birds in auger baths
  • Freezing in cardboard boxes or in individual packaging
  • Freezing of semi-finished products
  • Chambers of refrigerated or frozen food storage
Fish industry | Alfa Engineering GroupFish industry
  • Shock freezing (tair to -35ºC)
  • Glazing of fish and seafood
  • Chambers of smoking and drying fish
  • Chambers for storing chilled or frozen fish
Dairy industry | Alfa Engineering GroupDairy industry
  • Cheese chambers
  • Oil freezing and storage
  • Ice cream storage cabinets
  • Cameras for storage of dairy products
  • Chillers (water-cooling plants), including obtaining "ice" water
Confectionery and bakery production | Alfa Engineering GroupConfectionery and bakery production
  • Freezing of semi-finished products and finished products
  • Cooling of semi-finished products and finished products
  • Chambers of chilled or frozen food storage
  • Chocolate coating cooling
  • Chillers (water-cooling plants), including obtaining "ice" water
The freezing of products | Alfa Engineering GroupThe freezing of products
  • Freezing in the air flow
  • Contact freezing in tiled machines
  • Fluidising quick-freezers
  • Continuous (conveyor) or periodic (camera with carts) ways of freezing
  • Ultra fast freezing speed for obtaining the highest quality products (preservation of product structure - minimization of mass loss and marketable condition due to thawing)
  • Selection of economically feasible speed and method of freezing
  • Freezing of blood plasma
  • Ice-makers (lump and flake ice, ice-water suspensions)
  • Cooling and freezing of mushrooms, berries, vegetables, fruits
The cooling of liquids | Alfa Engineering GroupThe cooling of liquids
  • Production "ice" water
  • Cooling of injection molding machines
  • Cooling of oils and fats
  • Chillers for air-conditioning systems
Construction of refrigeration chambers | Alfa Engineering GroupConstruction of refrigeration chambers
  • Fruit and vegetable stores
  • Refrigerated warehouses
  • Logistic complexes
  • Freezing and cooling chambers
  • Cameras for flowers
  • Chambers of medicines
Shop construction | Alfa Engineering GroupShop construction
  • Centralized cooling systems
  • Autonomous systems
  • Heat recuperation (heating, hot water production)
Technological conditioning and ventilation | Alfa Engineering GroupTechnological conditioning and ventilation
  • Optimal parameters of the air in the room (temperature, humidity, speed, fresh air)
  • Meat and fish shops and production
  • Premises for packing, sorting, expedition
Oil and gas and chemical industry | Alfa Engineering GroupOil and gas and chemical industry
  • Cooling of technical liquids and gases